Magentist Referral Program


What It’s About

Website Design Money

Refer new users to Magentist and receive 30% commission! Every member has a referral code - simply paste a banner on your site using that code. Join Now!

Payment Rates

If a person clicks your referrer link and proceeds to make a purchase on Magentist, you will receive 30% of that person's purchase. So far, the average payment on Magentist is about $185 – that's $55 in your pocket!! Join Now!

Get paid 20% for sales you refer!  Join Now!

A Few Important Things

Here are a few important points about how it works:

  • Cookies are used to track referrals
  • If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else's, yours is the one that counts
  • If a person clicks a link, they have one month before the cookie expires. If they make a purchase within that month, then you earn the commission
  • If a person has visited Magentist before and then clicks a referral link, it doesn't count
  • Above all, use of the referral program is subject to a fair usage policy which gives Magentist the right to review each and every referral
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Referral Program

Coming soon! Please check back later for the FAQs. In the meantime, visit our Join Now! page for more information.