From Disaster to Normal Life in SimCity BuildIt

The SimCity BuildIt game is a challenging game where the player plays the role of the mayor and he has to build the city well. The city is almost like a normal town where people live in residential areas, go to work, earn money, pay tax, spend their time by going shopping, go to parks, visit hospitals, have fire stations and are also attacked by disasters both natural and unnatural. As mayor, the player has to keep is citizens happy. He has to provide essential services for his citizens such as power, water, waste management, sewage, fire station, police station, hospitals, etc. He can also provide specializations such as education, parks, transportation, entertainment, etc. There are some buildings that come with every city as default buildings. They are the port, airport, trade depot, Mayor’s club house, Mayor’s contest tower, Dr. Vu’s Tower and Global Trade HQ. These buildings can be unlocked as the player reaches higher levels.

As another normal city, the Sims city faces many disasters. They are natural disasters such as Earthquake, Tornado, Lightning Storm and Meteor Strike as well as unnatural disasters such as Alien Invasion and Robot. In such cases the mayor has to function well and reconstruct his building. These disaster challenges are unleashed using Dr. Vu’s Tower. However, this tower can be unlocked only if the city has 90,000 citizens and an amount of 60,000 Simoleons. Once you unlock this tower, you can unleash disaster on the city. The mayor then repairs the city. When this task is complete, he earns a Golden Key for every building repaired. Usually these disasters affect 1-5 houses. Only houses are destroyed and not any other building. With the help of goods, you can reconstruct the houses. Usually only one house gets destroyed. The Disaster Challenges can be triggered using special items from Dr. Vu’s Tower. These special items appear for a very short time as their time-span is very short.


The Golden Keys are the rewards when the disaster challenges that have disrupted the city are restored. The factory produces goods with which the building is repaired. Once the house goes back to its original form the mayor can get the Golden Key. The Golden Key is used to purchase Specialization buildings such as Entertainment and Education. The Golden Key cannot be purchased, it can only be earned. To get special items and to bring down disasters in the city at a faster pace, the Sims citizens have to be happy with the city and the way of life. If the city is bigger, there are chances that many more buildings may get destroyed and you can claim more Golden Keys.

Getting a Golden Key is very rewarding. Getting Simoleons is also rewarding as you can play for longer hours and get many new things for the city. If all these were available for free, it makes the player happier. Such a facility is available through simcity buildit hack tool.

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